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Why should we continue to be dependent on foreign oil while we still have valuable, recoverable resources here in the USA?

Experts will agree that 80%-90% of Old Field Reservoir Oil is still in the ground!  Oil producers don't have to resort to early Texas wildcat procedures, they just need new technology.

The good news is that those new technologies are now available!  In conjunction with the National Laboratory System and other State and Federal Agencies, especially the U.S. Department of Energy, a number of valuable programs are making this all possible.

Principals of Onyx Oil Corp were at the forefront as many of these new technologies were being developed at our National Labs. They are also knowledgeable of the existing programs for implementing new procedures in Old Field Reservoir Oil recovery.

Onyx Oil Corp does not have to discover new oil reservoirs and fields, we must simply use new technology to bring existing oil to production at a profit.

Our mission is to make the United States of America less dependent on foreign oil by utilizing advanced technology and new recovery processes.

Onyx Oil Corp is incorporated in the state of Florida. The Company has offices in Largo, Florida on the states west coast, just west of Tampa.



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